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Money Help - Fines

Fines are penalties issued to people who break the law by committing driving, parking, littering or public transport offences.


The Law Handbook - Fines and infringements

An infringement or fine is a penalty for breaking the law. Fines Victoria is responsible for collecting and enforcing infringement fines and court fines in Victoria.


Victoria Legal Aid - Unpaid fines and the infringements court

If you do not pay the penalty reminder notice on time, the agency will send your fine to the Infringements Court. The Infringements Court is part of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria. It processes and enforces infringement notices and penalties. The Infringements Court does not hold court hearings to make decisions. Instead, decisions are made by infringements registrars. ...

Youthlaw - Fines

How you deal with a fine can depend on your age.

If you got a fine for something you did when you 18 or older, check out the following fact sheet about your options and what happens if unpaid fines go the Infringements Court or to the Sheriff for enforcement: