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Energy and Water Ombudsman - Can't pay your energy or water bill?

For all sorts of reasons - short term and long term - people can't pay a bill, or need more time to pay. This fact sheet covers what you should do if you can't pay an electricity, gas or water bill - and explains assistance that may be available to you.


Money Help - Debt relief

How do I get debt relief to manage specific bills & debt? What action can I take to get help with bills?
What bills and debts do I have? What debt help is there to for getting out of debt? And how do I get rent help?


The Law Handbook - Are you in debt?

It is easy to get into debt but remember there is always help available. The sooner you address your debt problem the easier it will be.


Victoria Legal Aid - Debt and financial issues

Debt is money that is owed to another person or organisation through an agreed contract, whether written or spoken. A person or organisation in debt is known as a ‘debtor’. A person or organisation that is owed money is known as a ‘creditor’. Both debtors and creditors have legal rights. There may be reasons why a debtor does not have to pay a creditor in full. ...

Victorian Government - utility relief grant scheme

The grant provides assistance for pension concession card holders, health care card holders and veteran's affairs gold card holders who are unable to pay their electricity gas or water bill as a result of a temporary financial crisis. You may also be eligible if you are part of a low income household.


Youth Central - Managing a household budget

The key to managing a household budget is working out:

  • How much money you have coming in
  • What things you spend your money on
  • Which expenses are essential

Then it's up to you to work out how, where and when to spend your money. Here are some ideas and tips to help you.