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Money Help - Rent assistance

If you cannot keep up your rent payments you are considered to be in ‘rent arrears’. If you find yourself in this situation you should inform your landlord or real estate agent about your difficulty and try to negotiate a repayment plan. When you are in rent arrears you have a number of options available to help you stay on in your rented home, however you need to act quickly and keep i...

The Law Handbook - Tenancy

The Residential Tenancies Act sets out the rights and duties of landlords and tenants including the residents of caravan parks and rooming houses. Strict limits are set on bonds. Landlords’ rights of entry are limited by law. Tenants can be evicted only by legal process but being in arrears on rent can result in a 14-day Notice to Vacate. When a property is sold a 60-day notice must be given. Te...

Victoria Legal Aid - Renting

There are laws about renting property, including rights and responsibilities for the tenant and owner. These cover:

  • tenancy agreements and bonds
  • what happens if you don’t pay your rent on time
  • rent increases
  • repairs.

Youthlaw - Housing & tenancy

Head to the Tenants Union of Victoria for information, step-by-step guides and fact sheets on topics like: Bonds Breaking a lease Notices to Vacate Eviction Avoiding eviction if you get behind in your rent Rent increases Repairs Share-housing Rooming houses ...