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Graffiti is writing, drawing, marking, scratching or defacing property in a way that cannot be removed by a dry cloth.

Tough graffiti laws in Victoria give police and Protective Service Officers (PSO’s) special powers to search, arrest, fine or charge you. Penalties can range from on-the-spot fines to imprisonment. Graffiti is a crime if it is done on property without permission from the owner.

Marking offensive graffiti is a crime, whether or not you have permission from the owner of the property. “Offensive” means it would offend a reasonable person.

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Graffiti is damaging or making a mark on property in a way that cannot be wiped away easily with a dry cloth. It can include writing, drawing, marking or scratching a building or a vehicle.


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It is an offence to mark graffiti on property that can be seen by the public unless the owner has given you permission. Graffiti includes defacing, writing, scratching or drawing on or property so that the marks can’t be removed easily with a dry cloth. This includes stencil art and engraving. There are very serious penalties for making or intending to make graffiti, including large f...

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Graffiti laws in Victoria give police and protective services officers (PSOs) special powers to search you, fine you and charge you with criminal offences.