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The youth Lawyer has lots of experience talking to and helping young people with their legal problems.

‘Katrina Fanning' is our youth lawyer. She’s based at Ballarat Community Health.

Katrina Fanning is employed by Youthlaw a Victorian legal service for young people. You can find out more about Youthlaw at .

Katrina Fanning has lots of legal experience, is easy to talk to and really cares about young people.

Her office is at Ballarat Community Health. You need to call or email her first. She will get back to you quickly. She can speak to you on the phone or she may arrange to see you elsewhere.

If Katrina Fanning can’t help she will help you to find other free legal help. This might include Legal Aid, Central Highland Community Legal Centre or a private lawyer that is willing to assist for free.

For workers

Katrina Fanning can be contacted by workers assisting young people. This could be to get more info about how the law works, options, worker duties and obligations.  You can also call or email her to refer a young person.

Phone: 0407 854 223